Understand how Lubemix came about !

The beginning of this successful company took place around 2012, in South America more specifically in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. A store focused on lubrication and fuel supply equipment, and in a short time makes solid partnerships with the world’s largest manufacturers in this segment. The name of the reseller’s

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While metering liquids, observe precautions, against “RE or explosion. When handling hazardous liquids, always follow the liquid manifacturer’s safety precautions. Always dispose of used cleaning solvents in a safe manner, according to the solvent manifacturer’s instructions. During meter removal, liquid may spill. Follow the liquid manifacturer’s safety precautions to clean up minor spills. Do not

Manual or Automatic Lubrication? How to Decide!

Lubrication is an essential part of machinery maintenance for nearly every production facility. On average, lubricant purchases amount to only 3 percent of a maintenance budget, but lubrication-related activities can influence an estimated 40 percent of total maintenance costs. In order to achieve optimum reliability and maximum benefits from a lubrication program, several factors need

What Is Lubrication?

Lubrication is a word that’s often used in regards to machinery reliability and maintenance, but what is lubrication? The dictionary defines lubrication as the application of some oily or greasy substance in order to diminish friction. Although this is a valid definition, it fails to realize all that lubrication actually achieves. Many different substances can

Grease Guns Accessories !

It’s fundamental that grease is used as a lubricant because it clings to a machine’s moving surfaces without easily leaking away like oil. For this reason, the filling and refilling of grease in grease-lubricated machines must be treated differently than that of oil-lubricated machines. Therefore, it is essential that the proper grease gun operation is

The Basics of Food-grade Lubricants

The food processing industry presents unique challenges to lubricant formulation engineers, lubricant marketers, plant lubrication engineers and equipment designers. While it is never desirable for lubricants to be allowed to contaminate raw materials, work-in-progress or finished product, the consequences of a lubricant-contaminated product are rarely more acute than in the food processing industry. As such,

All About a Grease Gun, And you Find the Best Grease Guns in Lubemix!

While anatomy is commonly associated with biology and medicine, this article does not include the study of the human body. However, the typical illustrative methods used for detailed examination and analysis of bodily features have always been an effective learning tool in the classroom. The anatomy lessons within Machinery Lubrication will apply these same methods

Effects of Gasoline Adulteration

Performance and emissions of internal combustion engines are sensitive to the fuel used as they are designed to run on fuels with certain specifications. When an engine is run on a fuel with altered specifications, the performance and emissions of the engine may deteriorate and the durability and reliability of the engine components may be

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue technology is increasingly appearing in new diesel cars, to help reduce exhaust emissions. Our guide explains what means for you.   If your diesel car is only a few years old, you might have spotted a second, smaller filler cap next to the main diesel filler. If that cap is marked ‘AdBlue’, then your